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We're back on the grid!

Thanks to our family and friends for your caring and thoughtful support during the last few months. We wouldn't have made it through them without you. That being said, we are back and preparing for winter. Personally, winter is one of my least favorite things; professionally, however, I have grown to like winter very much. So it's a bittersweet thing to share that snow blowers have arrived!!!! Bill has quite a few of them in the showroom in addition to the stack of them outside. Also, there is a stack of blue Husqvarna boxes in the shop that I believe represent blowers. ??? Bill also must be in the cleaning mood as I see the Spic and Span is out and didn't ask as I already had plenty to do. :-) For those of you who may not need a new snow blower, just a friendly reminder to drop yours by for a "winter cleaning" before the first snowfall. It stinks when the first snow comes and your blower won't start. Whether it's to buy a new piece of equipment, drop yours off for maintenance or repair, or just stopping by to say, "Hey, how you doing" we wish you a happy fall, remind you that winter will be here before we know it, and hope to see you soon!

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